Tom’s father had to leave the sea because of illness, so the Foundation funded him through his secondary education. His support was later stopped because of poor behaviour but this turned out to have been the best spur that he could have been given. Having obtained good grades at A-level, Tom then obtained a 2:1 in Multimedia Technology and Design( BSc) and this then opened the doors to a Masters Degree in Digital Visual Effects (MSc); here Tom achieved a ‘Distinction’ the highest score possible.

Since graduating, and at the request of the head of the Department, Tom has been lecturing students at Canterbury University where he studied.

He now works at TT Games (A Warner Bros Company) and, so far, has ‘credits’ on three games and one movie, all based on the very successful Lego Franchise. He has just passed his driving test and is in the process of buying a new three-bedroom flat in Manchester, and a promotion beckons.

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