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Education is the Foundation

Applying for help and support

Initial contact can be made by letter or email. Alternatively, if you prefer, just call us to discuss your circumstances and to find out if you qualify in principle for consideration for support. You can also make contact through an associated charity.

After this first contact, we will send you an application form. Please contact our Secretary, Commander Charles Heron- Watson, to request one. Receipt of your completed application form will be followed by a home visit, and we may also need an assessment by a relevant professional. After these stages have been completed, a submission will be made to the Trustees of the Foundation, and they will make the final decision regarding support.

Ongoing Support
The Trustees have absolute discretion over the continuing support of each Foundationer, and over all aspects of support provided by the Foundation. They review the circumstances of each Foundationer regularly, and any change in circumstances can result in the Trustees changing or even stopping the support. This could be because the Foundationer is not benefiting from the support being given, or is not applying themselves to the best of their ability.

Cathryn's Story

Cathryn's Story
A New RMNEF Ambassador

Latest News

A New RMNEF Ambassador

We are delighted to announce that Jonathan Dimbleby has agreed to act as an ambassador ... Click here for the full story.

Keeping in Touch

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Working with Maritime Organisations - If you are a maritime charity or maritime employment agency and could help us to identify suitable Foundationers, please click here for more information.